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We are delighted you have come for a visit and hope you can gain something for the time you spend here. You will see from the buttons on the left that the site offers more than just running....so please feel free to browse. If you are interested in getting coaching help for your running, please go to www.team26pt2.com, then click on my picture.



Dylan Thomas


Need Koaching?

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I have a passion for helping people achieve their long distance running goals.  I’m referring to half-marathons, full marathons and the ultimate long-distance running goal: qualifying for Boston.  If you are SERIOUS about running and need direction (free) then you may want to contact me.  Read more at www.team26pt2.com. Click on my photo to go to my 'home page'.

My credentials? 

  • RRCA Certified Running Coach
  • Coached 150 to achive their running goals.
  • 45,000 miles running.
  • Started 53 marathons over 35 years, finished 53.                   
  • Run Boston 10 times, including 9 straight. BQed for 2012.                       
  • Encouraged, motivated and provided direction to scores of half
    and full marathoners.                      
  • Aided many, in varying degrees, in qualifying for Boston. 

Your requirements?     

  • Be SERIOUS about running.
  • Have a deep desire to achieve your running goals.
  • Have the commitment and dedication to do what WE agree on.
  • Enjoy setting goals and working hard to achieve the goals.
  • Have patience and perseverance to achieve multi-year, life-time goals.
  • Communicate quickly and often, via email.
  • Keep your mileage records on-line and share with me.
  • Be open and honest in communications.                          
  • Understand that this is an “electronic” (e-koaching) relationship






Armadillo Mars Beautiful Shiloh Running Area


Photo of the start of the Coca-Cola 10K by Karen Barnett



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